About us and our principles

JUDr. Robert Kučera

JUDr. Robert Kučera

Robert Kučera is the owner and managing lawyer of the Kučera Law Office, which he founded in 2004. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University in Brno. He gained his experience at the Land Office as well as in a notary office. For several years he also taught law at the Pardubice College. He has worked in the legal profession since 2001. Robert Kučera is the author of the book Dědictví (Inheritance), published by the Linde publishing house, and a number of specialized articles in the journal Právo a rodina. Robert Kučera specializes in law of commercial companies, real estate law, property acquisitions and other equity transactions. He also deals with civil and commercial contractual relationships. He speaks Czech and English.

JUDr. Kryštof Horn

JUDr. Kryštof Horn

Kryštof Horn has been a member of the Kučera Law Office since 2013 and takes part in its management. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Economy and Management at the University of Economics in Prague. In 2013–2014 he was on an internship at the University College Cork in Ireland and obtained a Diploma in Common Law. Kryštof Horn specializes in real estate law with a focus on leases, housing law and administrative law, but he also works on disputes in various areas of law. In the long term, he has also focused on the issues of trust funds and publishes specialized articles on this topic in the journal Ad notam. He speaks Czech and English.

Mgr. Pavla Janíková Štěpánková

Mgr. Pavla Janíková Štěpánková

Pavla Janíková Štěpánková has been a member of the Kučera Law Office since 2008 and takes part in the management of the Office. She graduated from the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague. For many years Pavla Janíková Štěpánková has specialized in intellectual and industrial property law, advertising law, labour law, consumer law and litigations. She also deals with the issues of cooperatives, land arrangements and the non-profit sector. She speaks Czech and German.

Mgr. Markéta Nováková

Mgr. Markéta Nováková

Markéta Nováková has been a member of the Kučera Law Office since 2017. She graduated from the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International Territorial Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague. In 2014–2015 she went on an internship to the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Netherlands – Faculty of Law. Markéta Nováková participated in the production of a brochure on the evaluation of risks of fraud in European funds and their possible prevention and also participated in the production of a brochure for work with open data sources. Markéta Nováková mostly works in administrative law, obligations arising from contracts and litigations. She also deals with European law. She speaks Czech and English.

Mgr. Vojtěch Krsek

Mgr. Vojtěch Krsek

Vojtěch Krsek has been a member of the Kučera Law Office since 2017. He graduated from the Faculty of Law at Palacký University in Olomouc. In 2015–2016 he went on an internship to the Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, and in 2016–2017 he was an intern at the Paris-Lodron-Universität Salzburg in Austria. Vojtěch Krsek specializes in housing law, transfers of real estates, liability and compensation and family law. He also deals with sports law. He speaks Czech and English.

Mgr. Markéta Svobodová

Mgr. Markéta Svobodová

Markéta Svobodová has been a member of the Kučera Law Office since 2014. She graduated from the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University in Brno. Markéta Svobodová deals with diverse legal agendas. She speaks Czech and English fluently.

KUČERA Law Office provides comprehensive legal services in areas related to business activities as well as to non-business individuals and legal persons, to the full extent of the needs and requirements of our clients.

Our services do not focus exclusively on certain areas of law or certain issues; we provide them across the entire range of private and public law.

KUČERA Law Office provides its services in Czech, Slovak, English and German.

Our main goal is the protection of interests and maximum benefits for our clients as part of a complex view of their standing and intentions. We, therefore, attempt not only to meet our clients’ specific requirements but especially to understand their intentions and proceed in close cooperation with them so that these intentions are given maximum legal support to avoid any possible problems and complications.

In our work, we put great emphasis on professional ethics and on building long-term relationships with our clients, based on mutual trust and respect. We realize the value of the right decision at the right time for the client and therefore try to watch legislative changes as early as during their preparation.

KUČERA Law Office

seeks professional excellence and a high standard of services
associated with our client’s trust and loyalty

The priorities of KUČERA Law Office are


We provide legal services in compliance with the current legal arrangements, subject to compliance with the guidelines of the Czech Bar Association. We try to consider the prepared legislative changes and monitor them continuously. Members of our office regularly participate in trainings to improve their professional knowledge. Complex cases are handled by a team.

Flexibility and personal approach

When dealing with our clients’ matters we emphasize speed and full commitment. We try to submit alternative solutions to our clients and describe the situation and any related issues to them understandably, with the utmost accuracy and expertise. We consider regular communication with clients and their timely information an essential condition for the delivery of top-quality services.

Economy and transparency of provided legal services

We emphasize the economy of our clients’ costs of the provided services. For each client, we create a mode of work that results in optimizing the relationship between the achieved result and the resources used to accomplish that result. The bills for our services specify our remuneration and our costs, designating the lawyer who provided the service, the date of the service and the duration of their work.

Our services

Contracts and contractual obligations

We have ample experience with preparation and participation in negotiations on commercial and civil-law contracts. During preparation we emphasize perfect knowledge of the client’s intentions and the subject of the contract under preparation as well as cooperation with the client and, if applicable, other experts from other sectors (tax consultants or experts) so we could capture and eliminate risks arising for the client out of the specific operation. We understand that contract preparation is not just an issue of law and that tax aspects are also important for the client.

We can evaluate client’s claims with respect to people who caused harm to them or enriched themselves to the client’s detriment.

Our services include preparation of contracts, expert opinions and legal analyses as well as other legal documents and provision of consultancy as needed by our clients.

Our services:

  • preparation, assessment and negotiation of all types of contracts – type contracts (specified as contract types in legislation, including sales contracts, rental contracts, etc.) or atypical contracts (leasing contract, franchise contract, etc.)
  • claims arising from breaches of contracts and legal obligations
  • claims arising from damage liability
  • unjust enrichment

Real estates and building law

Real estate and building law includes a number of areas and requires knowledge of the characteristics of this environment. 

We participate in many building projects, providing complex services to property development companies – from the purchase of land to assist in the territorial and building proceedings, to construction and sale of final buildings. It cooperates with many entities in this field.

Office members have experience in providing services in territorial, building and occupancy proceedings.

Our services:

  • consultancy on the purchase or sale of land, buildings and sets of real estates
  • consultancy on acquisitions of investment property and property development projects
  • complex due diligence of real estate projects
  • preparation and negotiation of rental contracts
  • preparation and negotiation of contracts with contractors and architects
  • representation in territorial and building proceedings, including negotiations with other public authorities
  • representation in administrative and court proceedings

Law for commercial companies and other corporate agenda, compliance programmes

Every establishment of a corporation is preceded by a thorough discussion of the client’s intentions and the set-up of internal conditions among the parties. As far as corporate issues, relationships among members and shareholders, and intra-group issues are concerned, our clients always appreciate our ability to provide reliable and specific advice, help find practical solutions and explain complex legal issues in clear words, without extensive academic analyses.

Our services:

  • establishment of companies, corporate changes and handling of their legal arrangements
  • corporate transformations, mergers and divisions
  • representation in obtaining trade licenses and concessions
  • general meetings
  • contracts with members of bodies
  • decrease and increase of registered capital
  • additional payments in addition to the registered capital, capitalization of receivables
  • agreements between members and shareholding agreements
  • compliance programmes
  • corporate group law
  • reports on relationships between affiliated persons
  • liquidation of the company

Labour law

Labour law requires very detailed knowledge of legal arrangements as well as experience with negotiating with employees. Our lawyers have many years of experience representing employers, from small and medium-sized up to employers with hundreds of employees. We also represent and provide legal services to employees. As a representative of one of the biggest trade unions in the Czech Republic, we have extensive experience with the preparation of collective agreements and with collective bargaining.

Our services:

  • employment contracts, other labour-law documents, working rules and internal guidelines
  • remuneration, severance pay, benefits and bonuses
  • termination of employment
  • equal treatment, anti-discrimination measures
  • personal data protection in labour-law relationships, employee monitoring
  • labour-law aspects of employer relocation, transfer of employees
  • treatment of the position of statutory bodies, contracts of a performance of statutory bodies
  • responsibility of employees and employers
  • OHS, occupational accidents and diseases
  • temporary agency work
  • representation in labour-law disputes
  • collective bargaining, collective disputes
  • trainings and seminars in labour law


Insolvency is part of the business risk. With almost every major transaction the entrepreneur has to consider the risk of insolvency of their business partner and manage this risk. However, this does not only concern the threat of default on payment or obligation – it is also necessary to think about risks arising from the possibility of whole contracts being questioned, the possibility of opposition against or ineffectiveness of legal arrangements which the insolvency administrator may object to or exercise.

In case of your business partner’s insolvency it is possible to take appropriate steps to have the maximum possible chance of having your claims satisfied or, in case of your own insolvency, of protecting your management or cooperative owners.

Drawing on our previous experience, we know how insolvency administrators think. We file claims and initiate steps of the insolvency administrator to support our claims and satisfy our client’s claims.

Our services:

  • filing claims in insolvency proceedings
  • monitoring of insolvency proceedings
  • representation in insolvency proceedings
  • representation in incident disputes

Intellectual and industrial property

The issues of copyright, trade marks and patents require a high degree of specialization and detailed knowledge not only of the law but also of all related issues. We provide support in negotiating licenses. Our many years of experience allow us to defect our clients’ interests against third parties successfully.

Our services:

  • handling of relationships between entities in the development, implementation and licensing of intellectual and industrial property rights
  • registration of trade marks, utility models and patents
  • application and protection of intellectual property, including relationships related to trade marks
  • protection of know-how, trade secret and key data


The importance of agriculture is growing continuously. It is closely associated with the issues of public support as well as those of land, including restitutions and land arrangements. This is a very specific area and our many years of experience allow us to understand issues faced by our clients in this sector.

Our services:

  • leasehold agreements
  • settlement with beneficiaries
  • buildings on the land of other owners
  • cooperatives

Criminal liability of legal persons

Criminal liability does not concern only individuals anymore. The Act on the Criminal Liability of Legal Entities was amended in 2016. This amendment principally enlarged the number of criminal offences that can be committed by a legal person through individuals whose behaviour is attributable to the specific legal person. Compared with the former arrangement of exhaustively defined conduct (about 80 crimes), a legal person today can be found responsible for almost all criminal offences listed in the Criminal Code (excluding, for example, offences against the country, military offences and some acts against life and health, etc.). Criminal liability of legal persons can be precluded by introducing compliance programmes.

Our services:

  • defence
  • preparation of compliance programmes, risk analysis and codes of conduct
  • public support programmes

Non-profit sector

Our lawyers have experience with the provision of legal services in the non-profit sector, in particular as regards associations, public welfare societies and trade unions. In this field, we provide legal services for internal arrangements, concerning the functioning of individual entities, their internal structure and organization (including the preparation and modifications of founding documents), as well as external relationships of such entities to third parties.

Our services:

  • founding contracts
  • public support programmes

With whom we are cooperating

The complexity and quality of our legal services are ensured regularly
through cooperation with experts with different expertise:


Mgr. Erik Mrzena

Notarial Chamber for the capital city of Prague
Slezská 2033/11
120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohrady

JUDr. Jaroslava Voclová

Notarial Chamber for the capital city of Prague
Senovážné nám. 978/23
110 00 Praha 1

Tax advisor

Ing. Pavel Kočí

Krnsko 146
294 31 Krnsko

Translators and interpreters

´apostrophe, v.o.s.

Eliášova 12
160 00 Praha 6


Mgr. Miloš Dvořák

Executor Office in Sokolov
Zahradní 328
357 33 Loket

Mgr. Jan Krejsta

Executor Office in Brno – city
Horní 729/32
639 00 Brno

JUDr. Marcel Kroupa

Executor Office in Myjava
Gegeľovská 662/2
907 01 Myjava
Slovak Republic

Patent attorney

Ing. Václav Kratochvíl

patent attorney and expert of the court
Patent and trade marks office PATENT K
Radlická 28/663
150 00 Praha 5



Dukelských hrdinů 29/471
170 00 Praha 7, CZ

how to reach our office?

The Office is situated in Prague 7, Strossmayerovo náměstí (entrance is next to the shop T-Mobile).


Those who want to use their own car to reach our Office, they should count with parking places reserved for residents only in the closest vicinity of the Office (so-called blue zones). For parking purposes, you can use paid parking places which are in our neighbourhood.

The closest car park is situated in front of the lateral entrance of the building of Municipal Council of Prague 7 and next to the main entrance to the building of European Global Navigation Satellite Systems Agency (building of former Consolidating Agency). The car park is situated approximately 50 meters from our Office.


You can reach our Office using a metro – line C, station Vltavská. The Office is situated approx. 5 minutes by walking direction to the Strossmayerovo náměstí approx. 200 metres to the traffic light cross.


If you want to get to our Office by tram, get off at the tram stop Strossmayerovo náměstí (tram stop of the trams no. 1, 6, 8, 12, 17, 25, 26 and 41).